Leader in the field of wellness and fitness!

Having gone through my own transformation, losing over 150lbs., I now motivate and inspire others who face the same challenges.

My team and clients help empower those who wish to change their lives. A family like atmosphere at Elite makes the journey a little easier for all.

I have faced many obstacles in my life, including the loss of my husband and partner in 2016. I have persevered through it all by successfully embodying the goals of my extended family at Elite.

I’m proud of my reputation of being the transformation ‘GURU’ and promoting self-love and spreading positive energy.

Elite has proudly changed the lives of thousands and I have made it a mission to transform the lives of anyone who wishes to join our journey.

As a successful fitness entrepreneur and mother of an amazing daughter, I aspire to encourage those who wish to better their lives and rediscover themselves through a fresh mindset and methodical training tactics.

Let’s achieve your goals TOGETHER!    



Even though the song has ended the melody lingers on through our family @ Elite.

A dream that was inspired by his passion for fitness and health.

Never forgotten but always remembered as the gentle giant. He whispered words of wisdom and encouragement to all those he surrounded himself with including his wife. He knew one day that a legacy would be created at Elite. As he looks upon Elite today, his heart can only be filled with joy and happiness in knowing that the journey continues and we continue to keep his legacy alive.


Training Specialists through Can Fit Pro

With You, Side-by-Side

Boot camp is a high-repetition approach that combines lower body exercises with cardio, plyometrics, as well as strength, and conditioning exercises, targeting the upper body, legs and buttocks. In each 45 minute body blasting workout you will use your own body weight, free weights and other forms of equipment, doing a combination of upper body movements, squats, lunges and plyometrics before hitting the mat for the last 8 minutes of total body targeted exercises, also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Training) this is an enhanced form of interval training following a specific 20:10 interval time.

This is an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise (20 seconds) with less-intense recovery periods (10 seconds). This is a great class to improve full body strength, heart health (cardiovascular), athletic capacity and maximize fat burning.

Exercise selection is different each week.


Elite Fit Personal Trainers Team